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Friends' only.



This LJ is 100% friends' only entries. Filled with usual randomness, ramblings, and not so important stuffs. Head over to Blogspot for my public blog.





Procedures, you know it

Post a comment if you want to be added, wait and see if i add you back. You're free to do a short introduction about yourself in the comments area too. (: If there are no replies from me after a few weeks, i hope you get what i mean. Sorry.


It would be a + PLUS sign

1. If you know me, and i know you. (Sometimes i'm pretty paranoid about whoever's reading. So even if i know you, it doesn't necessarily mean i'll add you just because, i need space to myself, and so i don't want friends whom i'm not too close to know too much about me.) I've figured I can still add anybody, with my custom friends group on different entries though.

2. We have common interests. (tell me about it, so that we've got something to talk about)

I'm generally quite nice.
I don't mind any friends from anywhere. You can always try to add me first. (:(: I don't mind having a expanded friends' list, provided i know of whose reading, and that i'm interested in reading about all your lives too. Its a mutual thing for this to work out.

\\EDIT: I did a friends' cut. I removed some off my friends list whom i seldom read/comment on your posts. Let me know if you're still keen on being my friend. <3 Sorry!

You're free to remove me from your list if you find me too whiney/schoolgirlish or what-have-you, :(